Privacy & Cybersecurity

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We help you move your data privacy and cybersecurity measures from cost center to strategic investment.

While news headlines demonstrate the daily risks associated with handling data, smart companies know the mastery of privacy and cybersecurity can be a market differentiator. From day-to-day protective measures to navigating the increasing complexity of the global regulatory landscape, companies have the opportunity to protect their assets and their brands by properly collecting, processing, and transmitting data.


Seyfarth’s Privacy & Cybersecurity team advises clients on cutting-edge topics—from automotive telematics, to the Internet of Things, big data, and usage-based insurance—as well as the latest US and international regulations. In particular, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—the most significant change in data privacy regulation in the past 20 years—continues to have far-reaching impact, and our attorneys have been at the forefront of this issue, preparing clients for compliance and assisting with ongoing concerns.

Our attorneys provide a thoughtful, holistic approach to addressing clients’ privacy- and cybersecurity-related needs. Seyfarth’s team understands that data privacy and cybersecurity is a complex and multidimensional business issue that demands an integrated, cross-departmental approach to compliance, incident management, litigation, and vendor and technology transactions services.

Leading companies across diverse industries—including financial institutions, hotel franchisees, transportation companies, real estate management firms, software-as-a-service providers, health care and life sciences companies, consumer electronics manufacturers, grocery stores, and online retailers—have enlisted our Privacy & Cybersecurity team for guidance on these mission-critical areas of business.


Compliance. Our attorneys prevent issues by creating comprehensive internal practices and policies aimed at regulatory compliance. With experience developing policies and procedures for clients doing business in every corner of the world, the team counsels employers and consumer-focused companies on domestic and international data compliance programs.

Incident Management. The unauthorized disclosure or use of information requires a quick yet thoughtful response. Seyfarth’s rapid-response team stands at the ready to investigate such incidents and assess clients' responsibilities under applicable domestic and international laws and contracts. In the event of a breach related to personal information, our attorneys advise on communicating with law enforcement, regulators, consumer reporting agencies, and the public. Our Privacy & Cybersecurity team also develops appropriate remedial measures to guard against a similar breach down the road.

Litigation. Cybersecurity breaches often lead to litigation. Our Privacy & Cybersecurity attorneys defend clients in actions brought by civil plaintiffs and regulators—including local data protection authorities, the Federal Trade Commission, and state attorney generals—as well as litigate issues arising from computer and e-mail hacking. Beyond cybersecurity breaches, our experienced team litigates other types of privacy issues, such as obtaining information regarding anonymous/pseudonymous parties from Internet service providers and in building cases involving defamation, misappropriation, disparagement, and spoofing on websites.

Vendor & Technology Transactions. Our team advises the world’s largest companies—as well as innovative startups and emerging growth companies—on the data privacy and cybersecurity issues inherent in technology transactions and related contracts, from complex multinational sourcing and joint venture arrangements to mergers and acquisitions.


Our attorneys provide both the technological proficiency and legal knowledge needed to evaluate a company’s data privacy and cybersecurity practices. With backgrounds in data security and encryption, our team helps clients proactively prevent data breaches and implement effective remediation strategies if a breach occurs. Seyfarth’s tech-savvy attorneys have the skills to handle the forensic analysis essential to the breach management process and can tap into valuable vendor relationships for additional support when needed.

Our team frequently collaborates with Seyfarth’s world-class professionals in health care, electronic discovery, corporate transactions, and labor and employment to deliver seamless, comprehensive data privacy and cybersecurity solutions with a highly integrated, cross-functional approach.