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Our industry-leading Employment Advisory practice works with companies of all sizes on their holistic talent strategies, in the entire lifecycle of work—from acquisition to management to separation of workers.

The journey to find, train, manage, and develop talentand eventually part ways—involves a long and sometimes complicated road, and an ever-changing legal landscape. Businesses must establish effective human resources management strategies that avoid the costs and disruption of litigation, lengthy government investigations, and other outside party intervention with their business operations. At the same time, businesses must be poised to identify and attract the best talent, maintain and grow their reputations as employers-of-choice, and drive strong engagement and performance from their talent.


In the face of a legal landscape that is changing rapidly, we counsel our clients every step of the way.

Our attorneys and our legal service offerings are second-to-none. We provide proactive, full-service counseling, compliance, and risk prevention strategies to maximize business autonomy. We have a comprehensive approach that allows us to respond to the needs of publicly and privately held businesses ranging from the largest Fortune 100 multinational companies to the smallest startups, as well as not-for-profit organizations of all sizes. We have depth in virtually all aspects of workplace law in every industry, around the world. 

Our Employment Advisory attorneys have a long history of operating at the forefront of employment law jurisprudence. We are experienced in the full range of employment-related matters, and are well versed in the federal, state, and country-specific laws that govern employer/employee relationships. With an international footprint, we have in-depth knowledge of laws across the United States and 170 countries around the world, and are able to mobilize teams of our attorneys to address issues that are faced by employers with multistate, and multinational operations.

Bringing a strategic dimension to our workplace advisory services, we seek to understand a client’s commercial imperatives, risk profile, key stakeholders, and unique workplace challenges. By doing so, we are able to provide clients with multidimensional thinking which follows a deep understanding of the workplace-specific commercial needs. From an advisory perspective, our attorneys are positioned to provide superior legal service to our clients from day-to-day advice on employment and safety issues within any one jurisdiction to international employment-related transactions, including cross-border initiatives with a labor, employment, or safety component. We have categorized our services to align with the journey of an entire employee’s career cycle, from the employer’s perspective.


Many clients regularly face employment issues that are not limited to a single state or jurisdiction. Our reach—across the US and more than 170 countries around the world—provides support across clients’ most critical workforce issues globally, regionally, and in local markets, irrespective of location. For multinational employers with advisory needs related to their global workforce outside the US, Seyfarth provides a specialist team covering the world at the country, regional, and global levels.


In the United States we provide a full range of services covering the employee lifecycle including:

Hiring, Onboarding & Off-boarding. Your relationship with employees and other workers has both a beginning, and inevitably, an end. These transitions need to be smooth and seamless, remaining legally compliant while supporting your market reputation for excellence and fairness.  Whether you need to find and attract talent, or face looming separations, you want a partner well-versed in the law and best practices.  Learn more below:

Talent Strategy & Development. Against a backdrop of laws and regulations that govern the working relationship, companies want to build a unique culture and brand that will attract and retain the best talent. Smart employers work to limit risk while building the initiatives and programs that bring their brand to life.  Learn more below:

Workplace Compliance. An essential element of the talent lifecycle is ensuring compliance in the day-to-day management of employees.  Our attorneys are at the forefront of managing legal compliance, ensuring best-in-class policies and programs to reduce turnover, drive accountability, maximizing employee engagement and happiness, and driving company culture.  Learn more below:


Our Employment practice has been an early adopter and champion of our advanced legal service delivery capabilities, working with our allied professions to develop of state-of-the-art solutions incorporating technology, techniques, and talent modeling. As a result, we have fully integrated the methods and best practices that allow us to generate value for clients engaging our counseling and compliance practice, whether it be stand-alone work, or as part of a larger portfolio.

In addition to our rankings among top-tier firms, Seyfarth labor and employment attorneys are recognized global thought-leaders and policy experts. Our attorneys have played pivotal roles in the development of crucial laws and regulations that impact our clients. Firm attorneys have testified before Congressional committees, the Department of Labor and the EEOC on their own behalf, as well as on behalf of the US Chamber of Commerce and the Society for Human Resource Management. Seyfarth attorneys have prepared written comments to proposed changes in substantive and procedural aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the ADA Amendments Act regulations, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and various Executive Orders issued by the Obama Administration, which were submitted to the Congress or to the appropriate regulatory agencies. Our attorneys’ ideas and experiences, borne of their participation in the legislative and regulatory process, are captured in a variety of publications and reference materials that we make available to our clients in white papers, reports and various other publications.