Diversity & Inclusion Practice

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We partner with you to develop and achieve your organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy and track progress toward meaningful change.

Employers benefit when they invest in their employee workforce and cultivate belonging and inclusive workplace cultures. We can assist by leveraging our expertise to provide strategic and practical advice and diversity metrics—all under a legal lens.


As part of our People Analytics practice, our diversity and inclusion counselors provide employers with the analytical framework necessary to achieve their diversity program objectives. We have deep experience providing legal counsel and advice on diversity best practices for employers domestically and globally. We partner with our analytics professionals to develop metrics and analyses, which may be protected under attorney-client privilege, to assist in identifying areas of opportunity that can be addressed while tracking progress toward meaningful solutions.

Our diversity and inclusion counselors frequently address other issues that intersect with the practices of our People Analytics team, including affirmative action compliance, pay equity, and general people analytics. Our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.


We provide a full range of diversity and inclusion counseling, tracking, training, and risk mitigation services, including:

Advice and counseling on inclusion and diversity. Our diversity and inclusion advice is practical, strategic, and focused on tangible action, continuous improvement, and constant learning.  We provide legal counsel and training on the full spectrum of inclusion and diversity areas including:

  • Program development
  • Diverse slates
  • Diversity and inclusion targets
  • Mentorship and sponsorship programs
  • Policies and procedures
  • Self-identification advice
  • Training on managing within the law and conscious inclusion
  • Crisis action planning and management
  • Artificial Intelligence tools

Inclusion and diversity people analytics. Our team of lawyers, labor economists, and analytics professionals conduct comprehensive diversity assessments and diagnostics that identify areas of potential risk to support your initiatives while optimizing the confidentiality of sensitive analyses and reports through our use of established protocols and platforms that support the attorney-client privilege.

  • Diversity diagnostics
  • Workforce utilization analyses and targets
  • Pay equity analytics
  • Hiring and outreach assessments
  • Evaluation of workforce retention
  • Performance management analyses


Working with our People Analytics team leverages our substantive legal expertise as we advise on strategic, yet practical approaches with an eye toward minimizing risk. Our deep analytical in-house capabilities optimizes the confidentiality of sensitive analyses through our use of established protocols and platforms that support the attorney-client privilege.

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