Employee Relations & Cultural Assessments

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Time and again, it has been shown that a strategic investment in building proactive workplace and compliance best practices can save an organization from negative publicity, disruptive workplace conflicts, and the risk of costly settlements and high jury awards.

Widespread employee relation complaints or even a single complaint can jeopardize a company’s brand, public image, or valuation. When a company is proactively seeking to define its culture and establish the necessary infrastructure to support and foster this culture, our attorneys can help. We have extensive experience guiding clients through situations that challenge their culture whether its rapid growth, a merger, or post-investigation.


Seyfarth attorneys help clients to implement and promote an inclusive and respectful work environment. We have a wealth of experience not only in helping clients understand the risks at hand, but also in reviewing and evaluating existing policies, procedures, and training programs to ensure utmost compliance and safety for their workforces. Our attorneys have expertise in conducting cultural audits to pinpoint and solve problems that have led to or may lead to a crisis in the future.  Our ability to solve for the problems identified in a way that is mindful of business realities differentiates us in the marketplace.  Additionally, due to the breadth of our practice across industries, representing companies of varying sizes and at different stages of their growth, we can pull from our collective experience to design a practical, uniquely tailored solution for our individual clients.   

We partner with our clients to build powerful, forward-looking client defenses through uniquely effective compliance communication strategies and training programs. We guide clients through processes and best practices toward creating an environment free of sexual harassment.

Our attorneys help our clients:

  • Sharpen and redistribute written policies
  • Ensure multiple, open reporting channels and robust protocols
  • Enhance the effectiveness of training and pursue proactive reinforcement
  • Analyze culture and model behavior from the top

There is no limit to the type of company that could benefit from the advice and counsel of our Employee Relations & Cultural Assessments attorneys.  Several states have passed legislation aimed at combatting workplace harassment.  These legislative measures range from banning non-disclosure provisions and mandatory, pre-dispute arbitration agreements, to requiring employers to provide anti-harassment training and distribute anti-harassment policies and information. Businesses, foundations, and non-profits of all types, size and geographic footprint should be aware of these laws and taking a proactive approach to compliance as they have significant implications for the workplace.


Our attorneys understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for employee relations strategy and cultural audits.  While we adhere to best practices, we provide clients with a tailored and holistic project plan to fit the unique situation with which we are presented and the goals and priorities of the business.  We are able to do this for two reasons. One, we have a very deep bench of Labor & Employment practitioners with an extremely wide range of expertise. Two, we have a deep appreciation for ensuring that legal solutions meet business realities. Our attorneys are uniquely skilled in advising clients through the lens of the intersection of compliance, risk, and human realities which has proven essential to providing effective counsel in the era of the #MeToo movement. We partner closely with our clients to develop strategic action plans on how to remediate existing problems and prevent future problems.