Workplace Training

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We partner with you to develop best-in-class compliance strategies and the training programs that support and reinforce them.

The law is constantly changing, and with it, your responsibility as an employer.  The reality is that reading a news article, legal alert or blog post may not be enough to gain a full understanding of the legal ramifications of new laws or mandates. A workforce that is well-trained and armed with legally compliant policies is a company’s best defense against costly litigation, workplace disruption and negative publicity. Our customized training programs are designed with this goal in mind.  We also work to equip your teams with the practical skills they need to further the company’s compliance efforts and best navigate the challenges of today’s workplace.


Seyfarth attorneys offer customized training solutions, relevant to a client’s business needs and specific industry to ensure compliance with both new and existing laws. We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and work collaboratively with our clients to create training programs to meet their specific needs and have the greatest impact.

Every law firm touts its subject matter expertisebut we take it up a notch by creating industry specific training programs that address our clients’ real world problems and issues.  With our multi-state and international footprint, we are able to provide training in  every area of labor and employment law  for clients in every state,  and in every industry.

Our legal experts regularly train our clients to effectively mitigate legal risks associated with the ever-changing legislative landscape impacting employers today. We are uniquely positioned to offer engaging content to a wide array of audiences, including Human Resource professionals, in-house legal departments, corporate leaders, supervisors, managers, and employees. Our training programs are content rich, interactive, and expertly delivered to ensure maximum impact.


Our trainers include former in-house attorneys,  high-stakes litigators, and subject matter experts on every facet of labor and employment law.  Our interactive training is not a one dimensional recitation of the law.  Instead, our training programs incorporate real-world scenarios and practical advice based upon our understanding of a client’s day-to-day business operations and unique challenges. Our training subsidiary, Seyfarth At Work, has a decades long track record of partnering with clients to develop customized workplace training programs that have achieved 100% course approval in both EEOC and DOJ consent decrees and been deemed "outstanding" by federal agency monitors.