President, Seyfarth at Work

Philippe helps executives and employees achieve workplace and individual career success. He provides workplace compliance analysis for both clients and the media.

More About Philippe

As president of Seyfarth at Work, Philippe has played a leading role in developing internationally recognized compliance communications methods, now used throughout the ranks of the Fortune 500. Specifically, he pioneered Seyfarth at Work's highly practical messaging, which emphasizes everyday language and avoids "legalese." EEOC and DOJ-designated monitors have concluded that these methods, as embodied in both Seyfarth at Work consulting and training, are "wholly creative and successful."

Philippe collaborates with corporate executive teams and in-house legal and human resources leaders to develop core value statements, compliance plans, and high-impact training initiatives. Philippe directs a team that works with federal enforcement agencies in the context of complex litigation settlement processes and has assisted governmental entities and NGO’s to craft messaging addressing legally and politically contentious challenges. Legislative task forces have relied upon Philippe for testimony on improving workplace culture and developing related legislation.

In his career as an attorney, Philippe has represented both plaintiff and defense-side clients (as well as agencies and high-profile individuals) and appeared before federal and state courts.

Beyond his corporate and client work, media outlets regularly call upon Philippe to simply explain legal news and trends affecting individuals and companies. He has been quoted in/by The New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, The Guardian, Politico, USA Today, Money,, The Los Angeles Times, ABC Radio, FOX Business Network, NBC affiliates, ABC TV Australia, WGN TV, and WGN Radio, where he appears as a regular guest for conversations spanning business, career and compliance trends.

Philippe has also developed and/or delivered interactive business, law, and negotiation courses at Northwestern University, DePaul, and Loyola and designed interactive negotiation simulations for the University of Michigan. He is a guest teacher on effective compliance communication at Boston University’s School of Law. In addition, Philippe founded and co-led a turn-key compliance products company serving governmental customers in all 50 states.

  • JD, Boston University School of Law
  • BS, University of Michigan

    Honors College
    With distinction

  • Illinois