OFCCP & Affirmative Action Compliance

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At the forefront of representing federal contractors in OFCCP and affirmative action compliance.

The federal government awards hundreds of billions of dollars in contracts every year. Companies can benefit greatly from these contract awards, however, companies must demonstrate through robust affirmative action programs that they are in compliance with federal affirmative action requirements. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) vigorously enforces regulations in this space, and Seyfarth continues to be at the forefront of representing federal contractors in these matters.


The OFCCP’s jurisdictional reach is expansive and the legal framework for maintaining compliance is dense and complicated. Through Seyfarth’s national reach, our team has defended clients in every OFCCP region and virtually all district offices. Our clients span all industries and include Fortune 100 companies as well as small employers that serve federal, state, and local governments.

Seyfarth’s multi-disciplinary team pulls together our many years of experience and insider-savvy within this space. We pair some of the nation’s best known and most accomplished attorneys on compliance and diversity best practices, metrics, progress, and change management with equally accomplished affirmative action professionals, labor economists, and analysts.

The team efficiently delivers affirmative action plans of the highest quality while effectively managing a fully integrated approach to affirmative action compliance, which includes mapping trends and spotting issues to manage risk and prevent litigation. We also counsel and defend clients facing audits, enforcement actions, or other proceedings.


Our team believes in a practical, pragmatic, and responsive approach, and our excellent relationship with the OFCCP serves our clients well as we vigorously defend their interests. For each of our clients, Seyfarth is committed to reducing liability, managing risk, and achieving compliance.

Working with us to strategically design and implement affirmative action objectives also affords contractors with attorney-client privilege over certain analyses. Our partnership optimizes the confidentiality of sensitive analyses and we leverage our expertise to advise on strategic approaches with an eye toward minimizing risk.