People Analytics

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Our multidisciplinary team of attorneys and analysts empowers employers with data-driven insights.

Building a workforce for the future requires data-driven insights to spot trends, identify and mitigate risks, and create programs that attract and retain the best talent. Increasingly aggressive legal and regulatory developments are placing new demands on employer practices, policies, compliance, and reporting requirements.

While some organizations are seizing the strategic potential of data to achieve their workforce objectives and drive compliance requirements, others are just getting started with the foundational steps of gathering, processing, and analyzing employee data for baseline insights.


Our clients range from the largest global conglomerates coping with wide-ranging workforces to the most nascent of start-ups confronting how to utilize its  employee data to gain insights about its people. No matter where a company’s organization is on this continuum, our People Analytics team meets clients where they are and helps them achieve their goals with focused, effective, data-driven solutions.

The People Analytics team is an industry-leading group of attorneys, economists, analysts, and technologists who use powerful analytical approaches for people analytics, workforce strategy, compliance, and litigation. Our multi-disciplinary team brings a wealth of experience in developing the data analyses, reporting, and metrics that employers need today. We address virtually any workplace issue to define and design effective analytics while still maintaining compliance under the law. This powerful combination of legal acumen and data analytics capabilities allows us to provide strategic legal advice and create ground-breaking solutions that yield both legal and business impact.


Diversity and Inclusion. We provide companies with the analytical framework necessary to achieve their diversity program objectives. We have deep experience providing legal counsel and advice on diversity best practices globally, as well as in the United States. Our metrics and analyses, which may be protected under attorney-client privilege, assist in identifying areas of opportunity that can be addressed while tracking progress toward meaningful solutions.

Hiring, Testing & Selection. Federal agencies, such as the EEOC and OFCCP, are staffed and empowered to analyze selection practices more than ever before. And companies operating in multiple jurisdictions must comply not only with federal law, but with state and local mandates as well. Our team supports employers with data analyses, reporting options and reliable metrics designed to build innovative compliance solutions and implement best hiring practices as they strive to become the “employer of choice” in their industries.

Litigation Support. The People Analytics team supports single and complex litigation and pre-litigation matters that touch on data-related issues, such as pay disputes; wage-hour, promotion, hiring and termination claims; and post-restructuring allegations. We provide strategic counsel to ensure a cohesive litigation strategy that is supported by data.

OFCCP Compliance. We have been at the forefront of representing federal contractors in matters involving affirmative action compliance since the origination of these legal requirements. We advise companies on best practices for complying with federal and state affirmative action requirements, including helping contractors manage OFCCP and other agency audits and the litigation which ensues from enforcement actions. We also guide contractors in using their compliance tools to drive strategic management initiatives such as diversity and inclusion programs and pay equity reviews.

Pay Equity Analyses. Seyfarth’s attorneys are skilled at leading attorney-client privileged proactive pay analyses and crafting appropriate remediation strategies designed to mitigate future risk. We have deep experience defending employers in high-stakes pay equity class actions, collective actions or single-plaintiff litigation. Our dedicated pay equity attorneys counsel companies on best practices domestically and internationally and consistently provide thought leadership at the federal, state and agency level on all issues related to pay equity.

Predictive Analytics and Advanced Data Technologies. We are on the cutting edge of providing legal advice related to the technological advances that are driving data-driven decision-making in the employment context. These technologies include the use of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning algorithms to address key processes including sourcing, hiring, retention, workforce planning, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion efforts. The People Analytics team partners with employers and vendors who are interested in harnessing the incredible power of these advanced technological tools to make employment related decisions while navigating the legal and compliance related issues to minimize risk.

Workforce Restructuring and Reductions-in-Force. We help companies proactively reconfigure their workforce to better meet operational and performance goals, manage costs, and encourage growth while facing today’s complex business challenges. We provide strategic planning during all stages of a restructuring plan. This includes developing strategies for minimizing or avoiding potential liability, controlling employment or benefits-related costs and meeting legal or other business obligations that may be triggered.


Working with our People Analytics team optimizes the confidentiality of sensitive analyses and reports through our use of established protocols and platforms that support the attorney-client privilege. We advise on the various strategic approaches for internal or external communications with an eye toward minimizing risk. Our approach is a seamless one, a cohesive client experience, streamlined communications, and deeper understanding of workplace reporting and analysis needs.

Natural extensions of our People Analytics group, beyond foundational people analytics, include our OFCCP & Affirmative Action Compliance practice, our Pay Equity practice, and our Diversity & Inclusion practice.