Employment Agreements & Covenants

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Robust and effective employment agreements help you achieve business goals and mitigate risk.

Well-drafted agreements are an important way to protect a company’s financial and intellectual resources and allow employers to enter into employment opportunities with confidence and security.


We have deep experience crafting employment agreements and have worked with clients in connection with every possible variation and nuance relating to the employment relationship. We draw on our experience across industries—including securities, staffing, financial services, technology, insurance and retail—to assist clients with achieving their business objectives while mitigating risk in their employment agreements.


We strive to know clients’ businesses and understand their needs so that our advice and insight is always custom tailored to clients’ objectives. Because of the depth and breadth of our experience with employment agreements, we never have to re-invent the wheel. Combined with our technology solutions such as documentation automation, we are continually striving to deliver more focused, efficient and value-driven work for clients. And, when clients find themselves facing litigation, our deep bench of commercial and employment litigators provide effective, vigorous representation.