Technology, Mobility & Connectivity

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We bring coordinated interdisciplinary legal acumen to solve the most pressing legal issues of clients in the technology industry.

The technology industry is disrupting business as we know it, with immense pressure to stay ahead of the curve in an environment which is rapidly changing. Seyfarth attorneys have deep experience in the technology industry and understand these pressures and the challenges that come with them. By staying ahead of the issues, we help clients prepare for what may be next.


We apply our coordinated interdisciplinary legal acumen to solve the most pressing legal issues of clients in the technology industry. In addition to representing some of the world’s largest and most established technology companies, we also represent technology start-ups, small and medium-sized technology enterprises, and other companies (such as suppliers and customers) which are involved in the technology ecosystem in some way. Our work in the technology space spans more than 170 countries around the globe, allowing us to offer broad industry insights that go beyond a single market.

Focused on major areas of relevance to the tech industry, Seyfarth is one of only a handful of firms to offer a dedicated data center practice with a team of experienced attorneys who have their hands on the pulse of this ever-changing industry. Our interdisciplinary Blockchain Technologies team counsels clients and interfaces with regulators to solve legal issues presented by this emerging technology. Our Technology Transactions practice supports clients across the full spectrum of their transactional needs in the technology space, including outsourcing, creating, enhancing, licensing, protecting, selling and acquiring technology and intellectual property assets. The firm’s Global Privacy & Security (GPS) Team successfully and proactively navigates clients through an increasingly complex web of laws, regulations, and enforcement actions relating to data privacy and security on a global basis.

In addition, we are a Global Partner of the International Technology Association (ItechLaw) which has become an important forum for the firm to regularly exchange knowledge and experience with global technology experts. Our efforts to stay on the cutting edge of this evolving industry add value to the commercial approach we take with our clients.


We are not only known for delivering exceptional client service and outstanding results, but also for doing so in true partnership with clients through our acclaimed service delivery platform. This innovative approach, which combines our vast legal acumen with process design and robust technology resources, sets us apart in the market. We continually demonstrate and provide value through a clear understanding of client needs and desired outcomes, transparent communication and collaboration, right-sized staffing approaches, and the use of data to drive alternative fees.