Demands & Administrative Charges

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Experienced counsel delivering personalized and cost-effective results for attorney demand letters and adminstrative charges.

Clients need counsel who are experienced and knowledgeable of the various administrative agencies and can handle demands and administrative charges in a thorough, focused, and cost-effective manner. Additionally, clients need to respond to attorney demand letters in a timely manner but with the appropriate end goal in mind to best drive to that result. Time is wasted if a client needs to educate external counsel on their business and filing preferences. Although demands and administrative charges are a regular reoccurrence, legal spend can quickly climb without a fee structure or other proper planning established in advance.


Seyfarth helps busy clients across all industries and geographic areas who are looking for individualized, cost-effective management of their attorney demand letters and/or administrative charge work. Team members are assigned to work side-by-side with and partner with each client to ensure institutional knowledge of business practices and procedures and goals and risk considerations, which in turn allows team members to provide a personalized approach to each matter. Given the unique alternative fee structures applicable to the administrative charge work, clients are able to effectively manage and anticipate budgetary demands with respect to each matter assigned to our team.

In addition to handling administrative charges or demand letters on an as-needed basis, we also offer solutions for managing and handling high-volume administrative charge filings. We have a variety of flat-fee and volume-based pricing solutions for investigating and responding to administrative charges on a nationwide basis, and use sophisticating tracking, reporting and analytical tools to help clients to keep tabs on high volume administrative charge filings, while freeing up internal bandwidth to focus on higher value internal needs.