Wage Hour Government Compliance & Enforcement Actions

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With you every step of the way throughout government investigative and enforcement processes.

Over the past several years, the US Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division has secured back wages for employees at record levels. Statutory and regulatory changes, strategic use of enforcement capabilities, and new investigators and enforcement tactics have complicated an already dangerous landscape. Add to that a significant uptick in activity by state and local wage and hour agencies, as well as the governmental bodies enacting laws that they oversee and employers must contend with government enforcement that is frequently changing and often aggressive. Seven figure recoveries are not uncommon. Many investigations have prompted repeat and company-wide investigations.

How We Help

Our team, which includes a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor, has extensive experience in representing employers before the federal and state wage and hour agencies and working with agency officials to resolve these matters. We assist clients with understanding the investigative process and setting expectations at the commencement of an investigation and then identifying strategies that will help bring the matter to resolution. From the initial notice to the final conference, our attorneys counsel clients on all phases of the investigative process. Our services also include advising clients in seeking and obtaining helpful Opinion Letters from the Wage & Hour Division, a practice that the Department has recently revitalized, on issues important to their businesses.