Independent Worker Strategies

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The use of contractors, gig workers, freelance workers, and crowd workers has proliferated; effectively structuring, enhancing, and managing those relationships is critical to everyone’s success.

For many companies, effectively structuring and maintaining legally compliant and effective non-traditional work relationships has become critical from both a business standpoint and a legal standpoint. Indeed, independent workers are now a permanent feature of the workforce for a growing number of employers, and the number of independent workers compared to traditional employees continues to rise worldwide.

Developing consistent approaches, processes, and practices to recruit, contract with, and implement a successful, mutually rewarding, and legally compliant independent worker relationship is critical. Equally important is the development and implementation of processes to ensure diversity, inclusion, and fairness when using forms of independent work.

Companies that use independent workers are well-advised to review and update their contracts, requisition practices, fees, and other applicable practices to ensure that they maximize the relationships while complying with all applicable laws. Such companies should also consider training relevant contract, finance, and other managers on appropriate practices in dealing with independent workers.


Our attorneys have extensive experience advising companies on how to effectively contract, manage, and terminate independent worker relationships. We review and draft independent contractor agreements, related documents, training programs for managers, and other relevant policies, all with an eye toward ensuring compliance with applicable labor and employment laws while enhancing the company’s relationship with its independent workers. We also have a wealth of experience representing employers in independent contractor and third-party worker litigation, including cases alleging independent contractor misclassification and joint employer status.

Seyfarth attorneys have worked with clients in a variety of industries on the issue of independent contractor and non-employee relationships. We also work with clients of varying sizes in diverse locations around the globe. We provide our clients with legal advice in the area of independent contractor and non-employee workforce management in a way that never loses sight of the practical considerations involved. We also work with our clients to develop inventive and creative solutions to the challenges that they face in this area.