Complex Discrimination Litigation

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Uniquely positioned to protect your business in bet-the-company litigation.

Large-scale litigation has the potential to affect all aspects of a company—its workplace, its workers and its business decisions as well as its business model and practices. Ultimately this has the potential to cause business disruptions, sidetrack operations, and negatively impact a company’s valuable brand. Companies need sophisticated class action litigation defense counsel with significant subject matter and litigation expertise and experience as well as a nationwide presence to defend them.


Our Complex Discrimination Litigation attorneys are widely recognized as leading authorities on complex employment litigation. Clients turn to Seyfarth to defend class and systemic cases in jurisdictions across the country for a broad range of industries.

More than 150 complex employment litigators focus on developing and leveraging our knowledge and experience to provide clients with the best results. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of laws across all states and mobilize teams of attorneys to address issues facing employers nationwide. We marshal our collective knowledge to develop specific strategies that address the often thorny issues, both substantive and procedural, that arise in complex employment litigation.

Due to our vast experience defending workplace discrimination matters, we have researched and developed comprehensive defense strategies, engaged networks of leading defense experts, and crafted winning strategies to defeat or substantially limit these claims. We successfully litigate the defense of workplace class actions through our comprehensive knowledge of substantive law coupled with decades of collective understanding of our opponents’ strategies, objectives, and vulnerabilities, as well as applicable procedural rules and evidentiary standards. By leveraging our experience, a team-based approach, and state-of-the-art technology, we minimize exposure in these types of lawsuits and work efficiently towards successful resolution for our clients.

Creative litigation strategy does more than just deliver results, it gives our clients options. Clients know they can choose to litigate the case, confident that it will be handled with an eye toward both legal and business objectives. Alternatively, they may choose to informally resolve disputes in a way that manages reputational damage, the impact on the workplace, and financial risks, while ensuring they have also minimized the risk of future litigation.


Our national resources allow us to meet the needs of each case without regard to the geographic limitations of any single office, as we staff cases based upon skill, experience, and client needs, and not just geography alone. We use our industry knowledge and legal acumen to provide clients with practical advice and proactive strategies designed to ensure compliance and manage litigation risk. Our attorneys pioneered the concept of an employment practices audit. We also conduct multi-state surveys concerning various aspects of employment law impacted by state law, and provide them to our clients via our intuitive, proprietary technology platform, SeyfarthLink, to help our clients improve operations and mitigate risk across the nation and the world.

Effective representation requires deep familiarity with evolving legal trends. We are dedicated to continually developing our knowledge base, as evidenced by both our deep and consistent thought leadership on evolving legal standards and issues throughout state and federal agencies and legislative bodies, amicus brief representations, and the materials we publish. We regularly appear before the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on cutting edge litigation and substantive issues relating to discrimination, retaliation and harassment trends, related procedural issues, government actions, and proposed amendments to existing laws.

We also publish numerous treatises in the substantive areas of discrimination and our annual compendia of the year’s developments in the field of discrimination class actions. Seyfarth’s annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report is widely recognized as the leading national report analyzing workplace class action rulings. It is a circuit-by-circuit and state-by-state analysis of class action and collective action rulings involving claims brought against employers in all 50 state court systems, including decisions pertaining to employment discrimination laws, wage and hour laws, and Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) actions. Employment Practices Liability Consultant Magazine recently said: “The Report is a definitive ‘must-have’ for legal research and in-depth analysis of employment-related class action litigation. Anyone who practices in this area, whether as an attorney, a business executive, a risk manager, an underwriter, a consultant, or a broker cannot afford to be without it. Importantly, the Report is the only publication of its kind in the United States. It is the sole compendium that analyzes workplace class actions from ‘A to Z.’”