Antitrust & Competition

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Our team plots the fastest course to maintaining your competitive advantage, whether you need proactive antitrust counseling or dispute resolution.

Wherever new markets are emerging, technologies are evolving, and businesses are growing, antitrust issues are sure to follow. Pricing, competitor collaboration, and compliance issues impact businesses at every stage in their lifecycle and in every industry. Staying in compliance with federal and state antitrust and unfair competition laws is essential to your success.


Our Antitrust & Competition attorneys study and track antitrust trends to ensure that your company stays competitive, compliant, and protected.  Our approach plots the fastest course to maintaining your competitive advantage, whether you need proactive counseling or dispute resolution. When civil or criminal antitrust investigations and litigation mean the difference between success and failure, our track record of favorable results gives companies peace of mind. 

We represent large and small companies in the most competitive and heavily regulated industries, including automotive and transportation, consumer product manufacturing, health care, life sciences, technology, retail, and hospitality. With our counseling and training on federal and state antitrust and unfair competition laws, companies understand the implications of their distribution and pricing policies, acquisitions, and licensing.

Seyfarth’s Antitrust & Competition practice is widely known for counseling and defending US automotive manufacturers. As technological advancements continue to impact the transportation industry, our institutional knowledge and market awareness help clients in this field remain relevant and respond to issues as they arise. More generally, Seyfarth’s team of experienced antitrust attorneys helps businesses implement effective antitrust compliance and training programs so that they can compete hard without running afoul of the antitrust laws.


We serve as business advisors and advise and defend on a variety of issues, including:

  • Vertical pricing and minimum advertised pricing policies
  • Antitrust aspects of and litigation involving distribution and franchise arrangements
  • Wage-fixing and claims involving labor exemption
  • Competitor collaborations, information sharing, and trade association activity
  • Compliance and training programs
  • Domestic and international antitrust implications of M&A deals, including Hart-Scott-Rodino Act notification, access letters, and second requests
  • Federal and state investigations and enforcement actions
  • Licensing of intellectual property rights


Drawing on the principles and practices of our market-leading service delivery resources, our attorneys provide transparency, best-practices staffing, and a realistic assessment of costs to minimize potential liability and offer innovative solutions to complex antitrust issues. Our Antitrust & Competition team is backed by the resources of a full-service firm with global practices in intellectual property, franchise and distribution, false advertising and product labeling, and mergers and acquisitions.