Jun 14, 2023

Webinar Recording: A Special Multi-Part Series: Guidance on Paid Family Leave Laws - Part VIII: Comparing State PFML Laws and Mid-Year 2023 Legislative Updates

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Please join us for a multi-part series on the ever-changing legal landscape that surrounds paid family and medical leave issues that challenge employers. This series aims to offer pragmatic guidance and compliance solutions for employers in multiple jurisdictions where the legal requirements may vary dramatically from one location to the next and where one-size-fits-all policies may not be effective. See below for more information on the topics we will cover in the latest installment of our paid family and medical leave webinar series. We look forward to your participation.

Part VIII: Comparing State PFML Laws and Mid-Year 2023 Legislative Updates

The country’s statutory paid family leave (PFL) and paid family medical leave (PFML) patchwork is in a seemingly constant state of flux and expansion. While keeping up with the latest developments – hello to the new Minnesota PFML program that was enacted just a few short weeks ago – is important for multi-state and nationwide employers, it is equally important to keep in mind how these mandates stack up against one another across some of their core substantive components. 

Part VIII of the Seyfarth Paid Family Leave Webinar Series examines the existing patchwork of mandatory PFL and PFML laws at the state level, and compares each mandate across a number of fundamental topics. Part VIII also provides updates on the latest PFL and PFML activity during the ongoing 2023 state legislative cycle. Join our panel of experts as they discuss the national PFL and PFML patchwork and offer compliance guidance to employers. 

Topics  covered during the webinar include:

  1. Overview of the current nationwide PFL and PFML law landscape.
  2. A brief look at the Minnesota PFML law – the country’s newest PFML mandate – and its substantive highlights.
  3. Comparisons between existing mandatory PFL and PFML state laws, including on topics such as employer coverage, employee eligibility, qualifying absences, covered family members, length of benefits, funding mechanisms, coordination with employer-provided benefits, and much more. 
  4. Forecast of federal, state, and local paid family leave developments in the second half of 2023.

Prior and Future Installments of the PFL Webinar Series

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Future Parts of the Seyfarth Paid Family Leave Webinar Series will continue to track federal paid family leave legislation, and corresponding developments and activity at the state and local levels. Please be on the lookout for additional details as they become available. 

Additional Paid Family Leave Resources

To continue to assist employers in navigating the constantly evolving patchwork of Paid Family Leave laws, Seyfarth's Leaves of Absence Management & Accommodations practice is pleased to offer a Premium Paid Family Leave Laws Survey, our Take It or Leave It Podcast, as well as our Legal Updates in this space. Please reach out to our speakers or email paidleave@seyfarth.com if you are interested in learning more about these resources.

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