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Sep 27, 2013

California L&E Legislative Update: New Laws and Pending Bills Affect All CA Employers

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Since the 2013 portion of this California Legislative session concluded in mid-September, a number of employment-related bills have gone to Governor Brown for consideration.  As of today,the Governor has signed 8 of those bills into law, covering:


?   Minimum wage increase, from $8 to $10/hour, over two years

?   Criminal background checks for youth sports leaders

?   Employment contracts for minor actors

?   New penalty for violation of posting requirements for garment manufacturers

?   Change in definition of sexual harassment

?   Recovery of defense attorney’s fees in wage claims only if bad faith

?   Expansion of coverage of Paid Family Leave

?   Mandatory overtime for domestic workers who work over 9 hours/day or 45 hours/week. 


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