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May 27, 2020

Webinar Recording: COVID-19-Related Consumer Class Action Developments and Trends in California

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Already an attractive forum for expensive consumer class action suits, the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented disruption and challenges for businesses navigating California’s consumer protection laws. The ongoing pandemic has created even more costly traps and pitfalls for businesses struggling to pilot these uncharted waters. This webinar discusses some of California’s most common consumer protection related issues being litigated as a result of the pandemic, and further discusses what businesses should be aware of to reduce potential exposure and litigation during this crisis. Experienced counsel will discuss the latest developments and trends that impact California businesses and companies conducting business with California consumers.

Specifically, attendees gain further insight into the following aspects of recent class action litigation:

  • Tuition and fee refund actions against universities and other educational institutions
  • Membership and subscription refund actions against gyms, theme parks, ski mountains, and semi-private clubs
  • Refund actions against sports teams, conferences, festivals, and ticket brokers
  • Price gouging actions involving high impact products and services
  • Privacy actions in the context of data collection necessity or mandated because of COVID-19
  • Auto renewal and deceptive pricing actions

Particular areas of focus of this webinar are on describing the recent developments, explaining the claims and expected defenses, and proactive attempts that companies can employ now to attempt to avoid these suits. We hope you will join us and share your views on the issues raised.

This recording is eligible for CLE credit in CA, IL, NY, and NJ. Credit is pending in TX.  All other jurisdictions will be applied for as requested, but please note that not all states allow for distance learning so some states will be ineligible. To request CLE credit, fill out this form and return it to CLE@seyfarth.com.  If you have questions about jurisdictions, please email CLE@seyfarth.com. CLE credit for this recording expires on 5/26/2021.