Nov 25, 2020

Into the Breach Podcast - Episode 3: Recap of CAC Specialty Live Conference

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Into the Breach is the first law firm podcast exclusively devoted to reps and warranties insurance and the transactional risk markets. Hosted by Seyfarth partners Bryan M. O’Keefe and Gena B. Usenheimer, each week the hosts in their unique, buoyant style, interview leaders from the industry, and explore the latest developments, market trends, and news impacting RWI and transactional risk insurance.

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Episode 3: Recap of CAC Specialty Live Conference

The reps and warranties industry is well-known for having a series of conferences throughout the year where insurers, brokers, insured, and outside counsel discuss critical issues facing the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has scuttled these in-person events for 2020 and likely beyond. CAC Specialty recently hosted its first-ever virtual conference with multiple panels devoted to RWI. In this episode, Bryan and Gena are joined by David Barnes Senior Vice President at CAC Specialty and Michael Wakefield, Senior Vice President & Transactional Insurance Practice Leader at CAC Specialty to discuss:

  • The inspiration for the recent CAC virtual conference
  • The challenges and opportunities that the virtual format presented
  • Recap of the RWI panels including an analysis of how the structure of tower deals may impact claims in the future
  • Review of keynote speaker, author Michael Lewis
  • Plans for CAC’s conference next year