Speaking Engagement

Apr 19, 2023

Joshua Seidman Joins Panel Discussion at the ERISA Industry Committee Spring Policy Conference: The Future Of Federal, State, And Local Paid Leave Policy

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Joshua Seidman will participate on a panel, In The Eye Of The Storm – The Future Of Federal, State, And Local Paid Leave Policy, at the ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) Spring Policy Conference (ERIC), April 19-20, 2023. As the patchwork of state and local paid leave laws continues to proliferate, employers are increasingly caught between their desire to provide valuable benefits to their employees and the array of incompatible and counterproductive compliance standards that they face jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction. At the same time, federal paid leave proponents are on the lookout for renewed support and momentum after paid leave reform language was ultimately left out of legislation last year. 

What does this all mean for the future of paid leave policy? The exciting panel of policy experts will share their insights on where this critical issue is headed and how a refreshed perspective could open the door for lasting compromise. 

You can register for the conference at the registration link.