May 10, 2023

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Catherine Jackson Moynihan

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Today we speak with our 100th guest, Catherine Jackson Moynihan, a true pioneer and expert in legal operations—and another great example of an allied professional driving change in the profession.

Catherine is Senior Director of Strategic Intelligence & Advisory at Hyperion Research, an Epiq company. After working in product management roles for several years, she had the opportunity to join the Association of Corporate Counsel, where she started and directed the legal operation section—at a time when legal operations was not the established function that it is today. Among the numerous strategic initiatives Catherine undertook, one of her key accomplishments was developing the ACC Legal Operations Maturity Model, toolkit, and training. With mentorship from then-vice president of the ACC—and friend of the podcast—Susan Hackett, Catherine also led ACC Value Challenge (and its Value Champions awards), a program with the goal of identifying and disseminating leading practices in the industry. Today, Catherine oversees Hyperion Research, Epiq’s legal operations market intelligence program, and she spearheads practical guidance and engagement opportunities for global legal executives advancing their legal transformation efforts.

In our conversation, Catherine discusses how she "wandered" into the legal industry, the importance of data in Epiq’s legal services management framework, training legal professionals on change management, and her research work.

As always, we appreciate your time listening in on these conversations. Now, on to the next 100 guests!

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