Oct 27, 2021

Pioneers and Pathfinders: David Cambria

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David Cambria is known as the “godfather of legal operations,” a moniker he earned in-house at giants Aon and ADM, and the name has followed him ever since. He is unique in that he has also held roles at the world’s largest law firm as chief services officer, and is currently at one of the Big Four accounting firms as managing director of legal operations, overseeing “modern legal.” David is someone who has been a leader on every side of the value equation. In today’s conversation, we learn how his experiences have coalesced into his current view on the profession and the legal marketplace.

Listen in to discover:

  • Specific challenges David encountered along the way, and how he gained acceptance for the concept of legal operations within massive organizations.
  • How in-house legal leaders should sort the options in an increasingly diverse marketplace.
  • What is meant by “modern legal,” and how he hopes to achieve it.

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