Aug 4, 2021

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Jeff Carr

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When we use the term “pioneer” in the name of this podcast, we're talking about those who blazed a trail for others to follow and hopefully improve upon. No one fits that description better than today's guest, Jeff Carr. While GC of FMC Technologies, Jeff launched the ACES program—what was then a novel way of pricing legal services. Now, he’s in what he calls “R3" status: recently re-retired. It's really not surprising that someone with a career as varied as Jeff’s, and with as many diverse interests, would have a hard time with traditional retirement, but over the years, he’s had several general counsel jobs and had an extensive career as a lawyer. Jeff has been a leading advocate for efficiency, process, and legal service delivery. Like so many of our guests, he has had a fascinating path, following many interests—from music, to nuclear war theory, and now, racecar driving. Listen in to today's conversation to hear how learning that he wouldn't make partner was a cathartic moment, how his wife kept him from joining the JAG corps, how he used his leverage as GC to demand change from outside counsel, and why you'll never hear him use the word “client.”


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