Sep 13, 2023

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Karl Chapman

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Today we speak with Karl Chapman, chief executive at Kim Technologies. After studying law at the University of Birmingham in England, Karl decided to go in a different direction from the lawyer path, working in finance and later starting a recruitment and training consultancy. Karl went on to found AdviserPlus Business Solutions, a leading advisory outsourcing company in the UK. AdviserPlus then created Riverview Law, which focused on providing managed services to corporate legal departments. Karl was chief executive at Riverview Law, then strategic advisor, following its acquisition by Ernst & Young. Today, he serves as director at Kim Technologies, a leading no-code, configurable technology platform that helps organizations—legal and nonlegal—automate their workflows, case management, and documents.

In today’s conversation, Karl talks about his decision to go from law school to business, the early business challenges of Riverview Law, the wide scope of Kim Technologies' services, and the key factor for large language models of the future.

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