Jul 14, 2021

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Lucy Bassli

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Long before unicorns were trending in popular culture, Lucy Bassli was thinking about “unicorn lawyers.” In her role as assistant general counsel at Microsoft overseeing contract management systems and procurement, she had a unique view into how process and technology can improve service delivery. Today, she has spun these unicorn lawyer traits into a trailblazing career as founder, advisor, speaker, and author. Lucy is the founder of InnoLaw Group, a legal service provider and consultant to law firms and in-house legal teams on a variety of innovation initiatives. She is also the chief legal strategist at LawGeex, a legal startup that automates contract review services with artificial intelligence. Listen in to today's conversation to learn more about how Microsoft's culture of empowerment and trust influenced Lucy's growth, how in-house work allows unicorn lawyers to flourish, and the massive impact of last year on legal innovation.


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