Sep 8, 2021

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Manar Morales

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Long before the pandemic raised the curtain on issues of workplace flexibility, today’s guest was leading the way in changing how law firms think about flexibility, and how they can best use it to drive performance, productivity, and innovation.

Manar Morales is president and CEO of the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance—a think tank dedicated to helping organizations create inclusive cultures that advance diversity and flexibility in order to attract and retain top talent.

Seyfarth has long supported the mission of DFA. In 2020, Seyfarth had the honor of receiving DFA’s Tipping the Scales Award. And in 2016, when our host Steve Poor was chair of the firm, DFA gave him the Flex Leader Award in recognition of his leadership in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace through holistic flexibility. More recently, Seyfarth has partnered with DFA on The Belonging Project, a national effort to combat the impact of COVID-19 on diversity in the profession.

Listen to learn:

  • Why Manar uses the term “holistic flexibility” to differentiate between the “reduced hours” approach to flexibility traditionally used by many firms.
  • Why she says flexibility must be de-gendered, de-parented, and destigmatized.
  • What advice Manar gives to her clients as they contemplate implementing hybrid work policies into work models based on co-location.

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