May 12, 2021

Pioneers and Pathfinders: The Power of Community [Double Feature]

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Grab your popcorn, it’s time for our first-ever Pioneers and Pathfinders double feature. Today, we release two separate episodes featuring lawyers turned technologists talking about how they have built community within the profession, and how those communities sustain them. Meet Christian Lang and Alex Su.

Alex Su

Alex Su is a lawyer turned legal technologist whose non-traditional career path has been shaped by his talent for building community. In fact, since we recorded this interview, Alex has moved into a new role with Ironclad as their Head of Community Development. We couldn’t think of a better title for someone whose social media posts get people talking to each other. Through his transparency, humor, and vulnerability, Alex has been able to shed light on many of the “wicked problems” facing the legal ecosphere - and inspire others to join him on TikTok. Listen in as we discuss what he calls the “failed experiments” that shaped his path, the self-awareness required to leave big law, and why not being detail oriented isn’t the end of the world.

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Christian Lang

Christian Lang loved being a lawyer. But after several years of practice, he could not resist the lure of legal tech as a source of community and continuous improvement for the profession. This led to his creation of the NY Legal Tech Meetup which now has more than 1500 members. Today, Christian is Head of Strategy at Reynan Court, a marketplace for legal technology. In that role, he brings his talent for community building to the application vendors, firms, and in-house departments that use the Reynen Court platform. Join us for a wide ranging conversation that covers his early days on political campaigns, to corporate big law, and finally his current stint in legal tech. Learn how Christian brings his passion for grassroots organizing and self-described “builder personality” to everything he does.

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