Legal Update

Mar 2, 2020

Preparing for a Potential Coronavirus Pandemic: New Employer Challenges

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In a two-part webinar, attorneys from our employment and workplace safety and environmental practices provide the latest information on understanding the nature and scope of the hazard, identifying potential legal liabilities, and developing employer action plans. Watch parts one and two below for answers to questions such as: 

  • What are best practices for avoiding infection? 
  • What should employers consider in:
    • Pausing non-essential domestic or international travel for employees? 
    • Asking employees to work from home? 
  • Do employers need to pay employees who have been quarantined?
  • When do paid sick leave laws come into play? 
  • Who does the White House proclamation apply to? 
  • What are the rights of employees under OSHA and what action plan should employers follow? 
  • What are the obligations of an employer under: 
    • Worker’s compensation? 
    • Family Medical Leave Act? 
    • Americans with Disability Act? 
    • EEOC?
  • What do employers need to know about attendance policies, protective equipment, teleworking, return to work, medical examinations, and premises liability? 

Watch Part One

Watch Part Two