Aug 7, 2020

Safely Returning to Work – Best Practices in Symptom and Temperature Screening and Face Coverings

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How will employees safely return to work, how will employers keep employees and customers safe from COVID-19, and what are employers required by law to do have been highly charged and sometimes highly politicized topics.  This collection of quick, under-10-minute audiocasts puts aside those questions and addresses the “why” behind masks in the workplace, the “how” behind symptom and temperature screening, and the top questions employers need answered.

Best Practices in Symptom and Temperature Screening of Employees

Employers are doing what they can to keep the workplace safe in response to COVID-19.  Although employers are not in a position to certify anyone as healthy, they can and should screen for symptoms of COVID-19 and conduct temperature checks of their employees to try and prevent sick employees or employees who have been exposed to COVID 19 from entering the workplace.  Karla Grossenbacher, lays out best practices for symptom and temperature screening employees including:

  • the different methods in which screening can be conducted
  • how employers can conduct screening in a way that maximizes privacy
  • documentation of screening

The Importance of Face Coverings and Masks in the Workplace

Ben Briggs, tackles the top questions most employers are asking today about face coverings:

  • whether employers must require employees to wear face coverings in the workplace?
  • if face coverings are required, who should pay for them?
  • can an employee refuse to wear a face covering?
  • what kind of employment related claims might arise if we don't insist that customers wear face coverings?