Apr 5, 2023

Take It Or Leave It Podcast - Episode 19: A Look at Bereavement Leave and Granting Time Off to Grieve

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Take It or Leave It is the only law firm podcast focused exclusively on workplace leaves, absence management, and accommodations. Hosts Meg Toth and Josh Seidman, Employment attorneys and co-leaders of Seyfarth’s Leave of Absence Management & Accommodations team, explore the latest legal developments, forecast new laws, identify workplace trends, and offer practical, business-oriented considerations within the leave, absence management, and accommodations space.

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Episode #19 – A Look at Bereavement Leave and Granting Time Off to Grieve

Bereavement leave isn’t talked about as much as certain other types of paid leave, but it is equally important and gaining traction in several states. Bereavement leave laws have recently expanded in certain jurisdictions, offering time for employees to grieve losses and navigate personally tumultuous periods. Join cohosts Josh Seidman and Meg Toth as they examine the rise in bereavement leave laws, differences between current state requirements, areas of overlap between bereavement leave considerations and other leave laws, including sick leave and family leave laws, and high level thoughts for employers on how to structure a company-provided bereavement leave policy and the importance of such policies.