Jan 11, 2021

The Property Line Podcast - Season 2: Real Estate Financing During the Pandemic

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The Property Line is a brief and lively discussion of the biggest issues facing the commercial real estate industry. The podcast will deliver insights from Seyfarth’s real estate lawyers and other industry leaders on current market trends and how they impact all facets of commercial real estate.

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Season 2: Real Estate Financing During the Pandemic

Episode 1: Real Estate Finance State of the Market

While uncertainty due to COVID-19 continues to reverberate throughout the markets, certain sectors are on a path back to stability and a “new normal.” Jay Wardlaw and Daniel Evans, the co-chairs of Seyfarth’s Real Estate Finance practice, join to kick-off our next season and, in this episode, reflect on:

  • Repercussions due to the pandemic’s effect on leasing
  • Current state of the real estate finance market
  • Forbearance and enforcement

Episode 2: Impact of Governmental Responses to COVID-19

Federal and state governments have stepped in to help mitigate the economic damage caused by the pandemic, changing the ways in which lenders operate and their ability to enforce remedies. This episode discusses:

  • Government responses to date, including foreclosure and eviction moratoriums, and the impact they have had on lenders
  • Oregon House Bill 4204 and why it has sparked so much interest

Stay tuned for Episode 3: Stepping Through the LIBOR Morass – Key Developments, Dates, and What’s Next