Case Study

Jan 27, 2022

Vaccine Mandates and Compliance: Advising Employers at Scale

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With the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine came numerous questions about employer policies and compliance. Seyfarth has advised numerous Fortune 100 (and other) clients on their compliance with various federal and state COVID-19 vaccine mandates, including their handling of religious and medical exemption requests.  The scope and parameters of our engagements have varied, adapting to many industry-specific nuances.  Seyfarth’s engagements featured significant large-scale vaccine programs, including guidance on voluminous exception requests of up to 15,000 for certain clients, made possible through use of Seyfarth’s established SeyfarthLean principles and technology platforms. Many of these projects were skillfully managed and led by our tech and innovation team, SeyfarthLabs.

Our team is also handling high-profile, cutting edge litigation stemming from vaccine mandates, including large portfolios of agency charges, and we recently defeated numerous motions for preliminary injunction brought by plaintiffs who refused to comply with major health care systems’ mandatory vaccination policies, were placed on unpaid leave, and were terminated for continued failure to comply.

We maintain a Vaccine Resource Center to help employers stay current on all the latest developments, and authoring and updating our Vaccine Policy Playbook to provide employers real-time, practical guidance through developing and implementing vaccine policies and processes for exemptions.