Patent Prosecution

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Reap the rewards of your innovation by turning it into a marketable, profitable asset.

Effective patent prosecution and maintenance involves everything from making decisions on what is patentable, to robust patent portfolio management. Pursuing the right patents provides the inventor with opportunities for licensing and other transactional gains—and presents many global regulatory challenges. Just the process of obtaining and maintaining a patent, both in the US and abroad, can be thorny and cumbersome. We can help with that.


Our Patent Prosecution team partners with companies of all sizes to determine which of their technical innovations are protectable and the best methods for protecting them. We carefully analyze the facts at hand when formulating a strategy and recognize there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. From beginning to end of the journey, we provide dedicated service and efficient advocacy before the Patent Office.

Our licensed patent attorneys have the technical expertise required of practitioners in this field, in industries from computer hardware, software, electrical, and electronic, to mechanical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, automobile, and telecommunication, among other more niche areas. Much more than technical advisors, we are practical business partners, regularly counseling clients on how to monetize and optimize their patents, both individual and portfolio. We take into consideration our clients’ position in the marketplace, short-and long-term business objectives, and oncoming technological advancements that may shape patent prosecution and portfolio development strategy. We also counsel on regulatory exclusivity and provide analyses with regard to patentability, freedom-to-operate, validity, and potential infringement. Our practitioners work closely with a global network of jurisdictionally-specialized counsel in all major patent countries, and have experience preparing and filing applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Given the broad scope of our service offerings, we work with clients at every stage of their operations, from initial invention disclosure assessment to patent preparation and procurement to full blown portfolio management/counseling. We place equal value on our clients, whether they are Fortune 100 companies with large patent portfolios, or start-ups in their first dealings with the US Patent and Trademark Office.


Our Patent team uses process design and improvement to optimize the efficiency and predictability of high-volume services, such as individual filings and applications. We also use best practices and proprietary technology solutions for patent portfolio management, allowing us to jointly manage key data points with our clients. We regularly share metric reports that allow our clients quick visual insight into their portfolios. We are always looking for ways to design solutions with clients who are looking for new ways to handle their patent needs. Above all else, we commit ourselves to learning the business of our clients and the importance of patents to that business.

To that end, we understand that patents are but one piece of a company’s intellectual property arsenal, and we have equally strong partners in our trademark, copyright, and other IP-related practices that can offer high-value advice and counsel. Also, as much as our patent practitioners prize working with clients on prosecution and maintenance of their portfolios, we are prepared to go to the mat when disputes arise. Our intellectual property litigation practice is especially strong litigating patent disputes and has deep experience in specific technologies such as electronic and computer technologies, mechanical systems and devices, and pharmaceuticals and biosimilars.