Commercial Class Action Defense

Class actions pose potentially significant risks to companies in all industries. Daunting in size, scope and potential exposure, class action litigation can adversely impact an entity’s finances as well as its business operations and reputation in the marketplace.

Given the complex nature of class action litigation, defense counsel must identify and quickly evaluate potential legal and business ramifications in order to develop and execute an effective defense strategy.

Plaintiffs’ lawyers frequently file multiple suits across the country in an attempt to obtain what they perceive to be economic leverage.  Seyfarth can counteract such tactics by building an integrated, cohesive defense team from our 10 offices across the country. Doing so not only minimizes costs, it facilitates the development of a consistent defense strategy that can be implemented across jurisdictions. 

We have developed cutting edge ways to manage litigation and streamline billing.  We use a variety of tools developed as part of our SeyfarthLean approach—technology and project management tools, alternative fee arrangements, process mapping, right-sized staffing, best practice documents and briefs, standardized forms and protocols for e-discovery—all designed to manage costs and facilitate an efficient engagement. 

Seyfarth’s Commercial Class Action attorneys have extensive experience defending consumer fraud, false advertising, privacy, data security and product liability claims. We also serve as legal and business advisors to our clients in many industries, including retail, e-commerce, technology, hospitality, food and insurance. Our clients frequently call upon us to review and revise company policies and procedures. Such proactive measures can minimize litigation risks and at the same time enhance their business operations.

If a lawsuit is threatened or filed, we draw upon our extensive knowledge and experience to devise an appropriate defense strategy.  In doing so we recognize that no two cases or clients are alike. After consultation with the client we implement the agreed upon strategy, taking into account the short and long-term consequences of the selected approach.