Simplifying the immigration journey, for you and your foreign national talent. 

Get to know our immigration workflow management platform, powered by Salesforce.  


The immigration process is a potentially confusing, time-consuming, and even counterintuitive journey for everyone involved. Fast-forward to today. Our advanced immigration management platform Caribou transforms this process into a manageable, more predictable journey for your HR representatives, in-house counsel, and foreign talent alike. 

Caribou completely reimagines the traditional case management tool by pairing powerful technology and automation tools with sophisticated business process and workflow mapping. The result is a simplified immigration journey that helps you better compete for global talent and execute your growth strategies. 

How Caribou Works

Caribou organizes case tasks and milestones into predetermined workflows that can be modified depending on the needs of the case. With an array of add-ons, Caribou’s workflows can reflect the complete path forward for any given immigration case, no matter how complex. These workflows build a historical case record for reference and reporting.

Caribou is also integrated with our document automation and forms production platform, offering real-time access to critical information and documents. The integration of case document production with case management in Caribou means that all case data resides in a single authoritative source, reducing errors and delays in processing. 

Caribou’s key features include: 

  • A welcoming community portal with personalized dashboard views for HR associates and foreign nationals. 
  • Workflow add-ons for premium processing, case follow-ups, feedback surveys, biometrics appointments, government interviews, LCAs, and more. 
  • Secure document exchange and real-time, granular case milestone reporting.
  • Robust data reporting and visualization.
  • Secure, 24/7 cloud-based access via desktop or mobile browser.

Caribou is powered by Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management platform, and builds upon our deep experience working with our clients on their immigration portfolios. Caribou’s features and functionality were drawn from live journey mapping sessions with client users to capture their needs, and the needs of foreign national talent, from case inception to completion. The result is an immigration management platform that builds trust, inspires confidence and, when coupled with the work of our world-class immigration team, provides a positive, human-centered experience that enhances the employer brand. 

About the Name

Caribou, a migratory animal found around the world, brave harsh and difficult conditions to reach their destination. Their adaptability, speed, and focus served as inspiration to our team as we designed and built the platform. The caribou journey is evidence of what we can achieve when we work toward our goals together. The same dynamic can be found among our clients and their foreign national talent. 

About Seyfarth’s Business Immigration Group

Seyfarth’s Business Immigration Group presents a powerful combination of legal knowledge, practical experience and business process capability. We bring a critical mass of seasoned professionals, robust technology, and a global platform to our clients’ visa, immigration benefits, and compliance programs. We offer these services to a wide variety of leading US and global corporations, managing immigration portfolios that include as many as 8,000 foreign national employees. As a result, we have developed a robust infrastructure for large program management and have the experience required to resolve nuanced immigration challenges that arise for companies with global mobility needs.

Seyfarth's Business Immigration Group is an integral part of our full-service global law firm which offers sophisticated labor, employment, cross-border transactions, tax and litigation capabilities. Day-to-day interaction with our nationally ranked, world-class 400+ member Labor & Employment department allows us to skillfully navigate the convergence of immigration and employment law.

Our Immigration team has more than 180 members located across Atlanta, Boston, Houston, New York, Los Angeles, DC, Hong Kong, and Europe, giving us a unique and large platform for helping our clients strategically plan workforces and leverage global talent.