eDiscovery and Information Governance

Electronically stored information is the lifeblood of every business, whether it is a small start-up, a mid-sized company or a large conglomerate. From e-mail, data storage and corporate computing systems to cloud computing resources and social networking, companies rely on electronic information to conduct, record and drive their business transactions.

The prevalence of electronically stored information has led to new emphases both on the discovery of electronic information in litigation and on efforts to manage and control the huge volumes of data stored within the business enterprise. Businesses today must appropriately manage where and how electronic information is stored and establish information governance programs that ensure compliance with discovery in litigation, data security and privacy obligations, as well as mange risks associated with the implementation of new technologies.

Companies rely upon Seyfarth Shaw’s eDiscovery and Information Governance attorneys for representation, advice and innovative solutions in all facets of electronic discovery and information governance. Specifically, clients rely on Seyfarth Shaw’s eDiscovery and Information Governance practice for counsel on eDiscovery issues including pre-litigation preparedness and the preservation, collection, review and production of electronic information in litigation, as well as information governance issues related to data security, privacy and records management. Our 10 attorneys, dedicating 100 percent of their practices to eDiscovery and information governance issues, advise and litigate on these complex matters efficiently, effectively and creatively. We bring experience and talent to craft practical and defensible approaches to meet discovery obligations in litigation and to comply with statutory and regulatory schemes while managing the costs and the realities of operating a business in today’s economy. Likewise, we help companies shape data preservation, document retention and information technology usage policies, including privacy and information security plans. In addition, we provide customized training, coordinate computer forensic investigations and managed technology experts, vendor relationships and costs. 

While the importance of eDiscovery varies from case to case, eDiscovery is often the central issue in litigation and a chief source of its burdens and cost. Our attorneys combine legal prowess and deep technical knowledge and experience to save money and time for our clients. Apart from being skilled litigators, our eDiscovery and Information Governance attorneys leverage extensive backgrounds and training in information technology systems, computer science, digital forensics and investigations and data management, security and privacy. In addition, we bring an in-depth knowledge of evolving and cutting-edge developments in the areas of eDiscovery and Information Governance to assist our clients in managing current and future risks of information technology innovations. Our long-standing experience has kept us at the vanguard in serving as national eDiscovery counsel for our clients in thousands of cases. 

As an added value, our eDiscovery and Information Governance group works with clients to apply our industry-leading SeyfarthLean methodology, which includes best practices matter management, right staffing and process mapping to create greater transparency, predictability and affordability in billing. At times, this may mean analyzing relationships with outside vendors and creating streamlined in-house processes, always being mindful of future implications and the long-term sustainability of those plans. Our extensive training and deep knowledge of the underlying technology has enabled us to work collaboratively and effectively with our clients’ internal information technology and legal departments as well as their outside litigation counsel.