Webinar Recording

Jan 25, 2022

Webinar Recording: Overseas Discovery: Overview of Discovery Tools and the Powerful Section 1782 Statute

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About the Program

Cross-border and international discovery in civil litigation can be complicated. As cross-border litigation becomes more common, the ability to obtain discovery from overseas or in connection with litigation outside the United States is critical. There are a number of options to obtain discovery from overseas for use in US litigation, though the procedures can be difficult to utilize. For non-US litigation, the United States has a powerful federal statute. Section 1782 allows parties to a foreign litigation to obtain expansive, US-style discovery from US individuals and entities for use in the foreign litigations. US courts interpret Section 1782 broadly and its use is becoming more frequent. As a result, it is important for overseas litigants and US-based entities who might be targeted with Section 1782 subpoenas to understand the scope and impact of this statute. 

Seyfarth’s International Dispute Resolution attorneys Eddy Salcedo and Owen Wolfe will discuss key points regarding overseas discovery procedures and Section 1782. This webinar recording covers:

  • Obtaining discovery in a US action from sources in other countries/territories.
  • Letters Rogatory
  • Hague Convention
  • Testimony at Embassy
  • Blocking Statutes
  • Discovery Outside the US Via Section 1782

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