Apr 14, 2021

Policy Matters Podcast - Episode 14: The Future Is Here: The NLRB Plans to Vigorously Enforce Employee Rights

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Policy issues often have long term widespread and pervasive impact on businesses. Not only can new governmental policies significantly affect the climate for business innovation and growth, they create precedents that affect future legislation and potentially spread across jurisdictions.

Each installment of the Policy Matters Podcast will provide timely updates regarding potential adverse impacts on benefits that policy changes can have on industry growth and offer a preview of what’s next in the competitive marketplace.

Episode 14: The Future Is Here: The NLRB Plans to Vigorously Enforce Employee Rights

In this podcast episode, Ashley Cano, Partner in the Labor and Employment department of Seyfarth’s Chicago office, and John Phillips, Senior Associate in the firm’s Houston office, discuss the National Labor Relations Board’s changing view of the scope of protected concerted activity.

With a new Acting General Counsel in charge at the NLRB, the Board is already beginning to shift its focus and promote a more worker- and union-friendly agenda. On March 31st, Acting General Counsel Peter Sung Ohr issued a memorandum to all Regional Directors setting forth an expansive view of workers’ rights to engage in protected, concerted activity. He also promised to “vigorously” prosecute retaliation against workers who engage in such activity. In this podcast, Ashley and John explore what employers can expect moving forward.