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Jun 10, 2020

Webinar Recording: Recovery Planning and the European Workplace: Some Key Issues

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In this recording, the Seyfarth International Employment practice offers an overview of some of the key issues that businesses should be planning for as Europe accelerates planning for the return to work. Our international experts examine some of the key issues that they are helping businesses wrestle with across Europe and beyond as they get ready for a return, including:

  • Consultation obligations, both collective and individual, associated with the return to work.
  • Issues arising on ending furlough or short pay arrangements.
  • What special cases do you need to watch out for and how will you manage any refusals to return to work?
  • Future proofing: based on the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in anticipation of a possible ‘second wave’, what changes should you be looking to make to individual contracts of employment and/or collective agreements? 

Ana Cid, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw (UK) LLP
Tessa Cranfield, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw (UK) LLP
Laurence D. Harvey Wood, Counsel, Seyfarth Shaw (UK) LLP
Pete Talibart, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw (UK) LLP
Paul Whinder, Counsel, Seyfarth Shaw (UK) LLP

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