United Kingdom

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Delivering on the commercial objectives for our international and local clients.

The UK has traditionally been used as a gateway to Europe for US based multinationals. Although Brexit may change the political arrangements within Europe, the size of the UK economy and the presence of London as one of the world’s major financial centres will always make it an important market for American companies. Our team is built to fulfil our clients’ needs in the UK and beyond. As our reputation for top class cutting edge work in the UK continues to grow, more local and EMEA-based clients are looking to Seyfarth as an alternative to the traditional UK based international law firms. Our London office also serves as an interface for UK and EMEA based clients to interface with the vast full service practice of the firm in the United States.


Our experience and expertise in the UK and across the EMEA region is well-tested over a long period of time by some of the world’s leading organizations. Our services in the UK consist of strategic employment law advice across the EMEA region, including global investigations as well as immigration law, patent/trademark law and commercial law.


Our legal team in London are qualified in England, France, Canada, Spain, Italy and the United States and all focus on multijurisdictional matters. We therefore understand the complexity of operating across multiple jurisdictions. Our team works with you to deliver on the commercial objectives of a matter by developing a detailed understanding of your risk profile while balancing the legal, regulatory, and reputational issues. Most of our clients think of us as a part of them. That makes us better advisers.