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There are few things that happen between unions and management that Arthur has not experienced—and, as he says, in a world that values new and shiny, it can be very helpful to have well used and battle-scarred skills.

More About Arthur

Unions present a challenge to client success. That challenge has to be managed—sometimes by being conciliatory, sometimes by being aggressive. Arthur has represented national and international employers across the spectrum of industries and has successfully handled labor arbitrations involving many millions of dollars of potential liability and client-critical labor matters.

Clients rely on Arthur for strategic advice in labor negotiations, work stoppages, and other high-pressure union events. While Arthur brings an agnostic view of unions to the table, he understands that unions are rarely a competitive advantage for his clients. Structuring relationships with unions so that the competitive drag is minimized is important. This includes navigating the day-to-day relationship, knowing when to litigate or arbitrate disputes, how to deal with contract negotiations, and if necessary how to deal with the risk/reward of strikes. These issues require both a deep understanding of the law and a resistance to short-term pressures when they threaten long-term strategies.

Arthur has successfully guided clients to new agreements with unions that have radically changed the relationship for the better on many occasions. Although this has sometimes happened after strikes, most of the time it occurs by taking a hard but reasoned stand at the bargaining table. Union officials and their lawyers know that Arthur is always happy to cut a deal—but they also know that he is not afraid to fight when necessary. He is proud of this reputation and believes that it serves his clients' interests.

Arthur is honored to work among the smart and experienced labor attorneys at Seyfarth. He truly appreciates the mindset of the firm in mentoring and guiding younger attorneys, allowing them to learn from the experience of more seasoned team members. Being "Jurassic Park" is not so bad in a world where there is a shortage of dinosaurs.

  • JD, Harvard Law School

    Harvard Law Review, editor
    Magna cum laude

  • AB, Brandeis University

    Student Judiciary member

  • Massachusetts
  • US Supreme Court
  • US Court of Appeals, First Circuit
  • US Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
  • US Court of Appeals, Third Circuit
  • US Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit
  • US Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit
  • US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit
  • US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit
  • US Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit
  • US District Court, District of Connecticut
  • US District Court, District of Massachusetts
  • US District Court, District of Rhode Island
  • Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court