China & Hong Kong

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A coordinated and multidisciplinary approach to your cross-border issues across China and Hong Kong.

China and Hong Kong continue to provide opportunity as well as risks for multinational clients. Seyfarth's employment law and commercial legal teams with experience in more than 170 countries offer a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach that keeps the business objectives on the radar at all times.


Our experience and expertise in China and Hong Kong has seen Seyfarth become a trusted advisor to some of the world’s leading organizations. We provide specialist international employment law, as well as multidisciplinary commercial advice. Our commercial advice for our clients falls into three main categories: strategic business growth, business protection, and regulatory compliance.


Our experience in employment and commercial law is strengthened by Seyfarth’s international service model, which puts in place an experienced central point of contact for all international matters. For matters outside the region, our service model brings in only those lawyers with a true international expertise, and we have a series of long-standing and very well-tested and reliable relationships with top local counsel across the region, and the globe.