Seyfarth Cognition is a ground-breaking information management solution that combines human expertise with artificial intelligence to solve our clients’ toughest business and legal problems.

Extending our pioneering work with robotic process automation, Seyfarth Cognition combines subtypes of artificial intelligence to make managing documents and extracting usable information faster, easier, and more human-centered. Seyfarth Cognition filters and extracts the necessary information hidden with client documents, surfaces it in an accessible way, and integrates analysis and subject matter expertise for deep insights into agreements and contracts.

Seyfarth Cognition is built around our Seyfarth Link platform. The solution relies on human subject matter expertise, while drastically decreasing their time input. We refer to this as “intelligent automation” because it combines our legal skill with the efficiency and speed of technology - the next stage in the application of automation techniques to legal work.

Features include:

  • Scalable process automation
  • Machine learning for extracting and interpreting unstructured data quickly and accurately
  • Intuitively categorized document repository


In a recent application of Seyfarth Cognition for a financial services client, the primary objective was to meet a strenuous deadline for notifying domestic clients of a change in business structure. Due to the unstructured nature of their contracts - 4,000 pdfs in total reaching back 30 years across numerous countries - the client did not have even the most basic information such as how many clients would need notice or what form should that notice take.

Using Seyfarth Cognition, our project team was able to meet the client’s deadline while providing expert review via artificial intelligence. As a result, the client met their business objectives and our legal team was able to advise on substantive matters while Seyfarth Cognition worked in the background.

How we applied Seyfarth Cognition for our financial services client demonstrates the time-saving and innovative nature of the solution. First, we engaged RPA to read and filter the 4,000 pdf files, evaluating each one as to whether it fit the project scope in as little as two minutes. Seyfarth associates taught a machine learning document processing engine to find and extract the data that the client needed in the remaining contracts. Finally, the data points were synced to Seyfarth Link, where they could be shared with the client in a usable format with visual indicators of whether or not the particular contract clause was favorable.

The combined technologies allowed this document review to be completed in one-third of the time compared to a traditional review. The RPA filtering alone saved over fifty hours of associate time.


The business value and transformational impacts of Seyfarth Cognition are potent. The client experienced reduced costs while meeting their deadline for completion, receiving the results in a manageable format. Seyfarth associates spent less time thumbing through documents and more time using their judgment and solving client problems.

Seyfarth Cognition embodies our commitment to developing solutions customized to our client’s individual distinctive needs. It demonstrates our strategy of putting technology in service to humans, by making it more accessible, less intimidating, and capable of handling routine tasks that prevent people from working at their highest level.