We developed Seyfarth Link, our award-winning collaboration platform, to help legal teams work better. By leveraging data and technology, Seyfarth teams deliver increased visibility, access to analytics, and smarter risk management.

Seyfarth Link replaces complicated and cumbersome extranets, joint databases, litigation databases, deal rooms and document collections. Through this system, we have reimagined what online matter oversight and collaboration within the legal industry should be. Seyfarth Link acts as the launch pad for all of our technology offerings and through it, we can provide tailored solutions that solve client challenges. Seyfarth Link was designed with input from our clients and is based on years of working with various platforms to support our work. Seyfarth Link is a highly-customizable and scalable platform with many features that power our advanced delivery model.

Capabilities of Seyfarth Link include:

  • Fiscal transparency via real-time and continual monitoring and reporting on progress against goals and performance against budget.
  • General tracking and dashboard reporting capabilities that allow rigorous oversight of individual matters or entire matter portfolios and progress against goals and performance against budget.
  • Enhanced program management, process control and collaboration via easy access and shared information, task lists, reports, documents, calendars and team contact information.
  • Permission controls to allow aggregation and oversight of portfolios of matters in complex, multiplayer projects and programs, including financials and work product across an entire panel.
  • Mobile access to allow you to take advantage of key mobile moments from a variety of smart devices.