At Seyfarth, we are continuously looking for new ways to deliver excellence to our clients, and value on their terms.

This institutional focus on quality is the backdrop against which we created SeyfarthLean, the legal industry's first-of-its-kind, value-driven client service model. It began with our exploration of Lean Six Sigma for firm operations, and which combines the core principles of measurement and process improvement with project management and tailored technology solutions. For many years, SeyfarthLean has been unique to the legal profession and a contemporary approach to providing, delivering, and managing client and legal services.

For clients, SeyfarthLean creates tangible results and a unique experience, including:

  • More consistent, high-quality legal services
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Right-sized staffing approaches
  • Committed, transparent pricing
  • Ease-of-use and frictionless service

SeyfarthLean has been at the center of a number of awards and recognitions for our focus on innovation in the delivery of client and legal services from recognized organizations such as Financial Times, Association for Corporate Counsel, BTI Consulting, ILTA, American Lawyer, and more.