Legal Update

Mar 12, 2021

New York Lifting All Quarantine Requirements for Domestic Travel

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Seyfarth Synopsis: As COVID-19 cases continue to fall in New York State, Governor Cuomo has announced that starting April 1, 2021, domestic travelers will no longer be required to quarantine after arriving in New York from a U.S. State or Territory.

On March 11, 2021, Governor Cuomo announced more changes to the state’s travel guidance, which we recently discussed here.  Beginning on April 1, 2021, domestic travelers will no longer be required to quarantine after arriving in New York from any US state or territory, irrespective of whether they have been vaccinated.  While the New York State Department of Health still recommends quarantine as an added precaution, it is no longer a requirement.  However, travelers must:

  • Continue to monitor symptoms for 14 days;
  • Continue to utilize non-pharmaceutical interventions such as frequent handwashing or sanitation, social distancing, and the proper wearing of face coverings; and
  • Immediately self-isolate if any symptoms develop, as well as contact their local public health authority or healthcare provider to determine if testing is appropriate and to report the change in status.

As part of the relaxing of New York quarantine guidelines, domestic travelers are no longer required to obtain a COVID-19 test within three days of their arrival in New York, quarantine for three days after arrival, and then obtain another COVID-19 test on day four of their quarantine period.

International travelers, however, are still required to obtain a COVID-19 test and quarantine pursuant to CDC guidance, which has been adopted by New York State, as explained here. International travelers should also fill out the New York State Traveler Health Form, located here.

Employer Takeaways

As additional COVID-19 vaccines become available to the public, and COVID-19 infection and transmission rates continue to fall, New York State is relaxing its domestic travel requirements.  Employers can follow suit.  For example, employers who opted to include employee screening questions related to US travel can remove them, effective April 1, 2021.  Similarly, employees  no longer  need to quarantine after domestic travel, and employers likely no longer need to provide paid leave for quarantine due to domestic work-related travel. While employers should be aware that this is not an “all clear,” it is a promising sign of a return to normalcy. As we have done throughout this pandemic and across all industries, Seyfarth lawyers are available to assist employers with ensuring compliance.