Aug 11, 2021

Pioneers and Pathfinders Recap: What Do We Mean by Innovation?

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While we give our guests a summer break, Pioneers and Pathfinders will release three recap episodes in August with highlights from our first 22 episodes. In each recap, Steve will share some of his favorite moments from the podcast so far, and some thoughts from his own journey that were triggered by the conversations with our guests.

For our first recap, we explore the topic of innovation itselfa concept that came up frequently, given our focus on pioneers and pathfinders. In light of how how much has changed in the last two years, many of our guests mused on the meaning of the word "innovation," how their work has evolved, and where the industry should go next. At a time when the practice of law looks very differentat least at a superficial levelwhat does it mean to be innovative?  Are there more innovative techniques being deployed now? And how can we become more innovative, both as a profession, and as individuals? 

Listen to this episode for: 

  • The definition of innovation in 2021
  • The role of problem definition in innovation
  • Why innovation is everyone's job
  • Tips and tools for becoming more innovative 

This recap features highlights of our interviews with the following guests. Listen to their full episodes for more insights. 

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Dr. Heidi Gardner

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Cat Moon

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Susan Hackett

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Jason Barnwell

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Jae Um

 Pioneers and Pathfinders: Lucy Bassli

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Nicole Bradick

Pioneers and Pathfinders: Michele DeStefano

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