Biometric Privacy Compliance & Litigation

A team of experienced litigators, counselors, and strategists with a deep knowledge of the issues underlying biometric privacy compliance and litigation

As biometric technology has become more advanced and affordable, businesses have begun implementing systems that rely on biometric technology that collects biometric data (such as retina or iris scans, fingerprints, voiceprints, and scans of hand or face geometry) from users of the technology. At the same time, a select number of states have enacted or proposed legislation that regulates the collection, storage and destruction of biometric data. Many businesses around the country who have been using biometric technology, such as biometric time clocks or using bioaccess to secure areas, have been caught off guard by these statutory requirements and are taking steps to comply with them. Other are considering their first forays into the use of biometric technology and are taking proactive measures to make sure they are in compliance from the beginning.

Our Biometric Privacy Compliance & Litigation Group is made up of experts who both advise businesses on compliance with biometric privacy laws and defend businesses against claims that biometric privacy has been violated. The biometric privacy team members are also members of other cross-disciplinary teams, such as the Firm’s Employment Litigation & Counseling and Global Privacy & Security teams. They also work collaboratively with the Government Relations and Policy and Future Enterprise Teams to make Seyfarth an industry leader with respect to biometric privacy in the employment arena. Our team consistently maintains a robust docket of biometric privacy class action cases, including defending companies in a wide range of industries, such as hotels, airlines, restaurants, and health care systems in class action lawsuits asserting violations of the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act (“BIPA”).

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Our team provides cross-functional legal and practical solutions for clients in the context of:

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