Arbitration Strategy & Litigation

Seyfarth Shaw’s Arbitration Strategy & Litigation team’s attorneys have extensive experience working with clients to create, implement and enforce arbitration agreements as well as in representing employers in arbitration matters to achieve more efficient and cost-effective resolutions to employment disputes. We have been at the forefront of utilization and defense of arbitration agreements to avoid class actions through the use of class action waivers, including successfully before the United States Supreme Court.

Our attorneys are regularly involved in drafting and tracking developments to keep arbitration agreements updated in order to ensure enforceability and to strategically adapt to changing developments with regard to such agreements. We have successfully enforced arbitration agreements, securing orders to compel arbitration in both state and federal court. We have counseled employers of all sizes around the globe and assisted clients in developing arbitration policies and programs customized to their geographic footprint and to address the unique issues under state and local laws that can impact arbitration.

Our arbitration experience encompasses most substantive areas of employment litigation and extends to multiple industries. We have deep familiarity and experience in American Arbitration Association (AAA), JAMS, and FINRA arbitrations as well as a number of other Alternative Dispute Resolution providers. We have developed approaches to efficiently and effectively manage discovery in the arbitration process, with a focused approach to keeping appropriate limits on discovery to avoid unnecessary expenditures without compromising strategic goals. We have an impressive track record of victories in virtually every type of employment dispute in arbitration.