Workplace Policies and Handbooks

Businesses of all sizes rely on Seyfarth Shaw’s experienced Workplace Policies and Handbooks team to help them address business realities while ensuring that policies and procedures not only are legally compliant but also work to reduce litigation and, when litigation occurs, aid in the defense of the lawsuit.

Our team includes some of the leading authorities on the development and implementation of policies and issues that may arise with such policies.

For all of our clients, we strive to ensure that they are compliant with existing rules and regulations to avoid the risks of litigation and related workplace challenges. We revise outdated policies and handbooks, tailor new template policies to conform to our clients’ specific needs, help establish internal systems to efficiently implement those policies and provide user-friendly training for key personnel. Our approach also prioritizes positive employee relations and enhanced productivity.

Seyfarth maintains a strong ethos of customer service that tailors solutions to fit the business model of each individual client, while maintaining efficiency. For instance, our clients with national operations sometimes prefer to have a “one policy” approach that will meet the toughest restrictions of the even most employee-friendly jurisdictions. We also can craft master policies or handbooks with state-specific exceptions called out in footnotes or addenda that may be more appropriate for other clients. Yet other clients may benefit from customized policies or handbooks for each individual jurisdiction.  In each of these instances, we leverage our unique Seyfarth SurveyCenter tool, which encompasses multi-state surveys across all areas of labor and employment law, to ensure that we provide the most efficient service possible, and that we never “reinvent the wheel.”